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Welcome to the COOLection TV Wiki! This wiki page is for the YouTube channel, COOLection TV. On this wiki, you will find information regarding the Disney-Pixar Cars movie franchise, along with information regarding the Cars die-cast line by Mattel. The pages on this wiki are intended to be factual. While there are some non-canon theories and ideas posted by myself within some of the pages, we kindly ask you to only post factual information. Any nonfactual edits may result in a permanent ban. Special thanks to User:RCcars5, User:AquaStrike, and User:Bloostr for helping me start this wiki. Please pm me if you have any questions. Listed below I have all of the rules...


To stay actively participating in this community, please follow these important rules.

1. No profanity

2. No bullying

3. Please only post factual information. For example, if you edit Lightning McQueen's page and edit it so that it says "Lightning McQueen is a 2006 Corvette," the edit will be undone and you may be permanently banned. While Lightning McQueen has some similarities to a Corvette and may be inspired by one, he is not licensed as one so it is a nonfactual edit.

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